to do:

it was so hard to get out of bed this morning, and i am finding that it is even harder to keep myself from crawling back into it! but i just keep thinking of all the things i need to do today...
  1. go to work
  2. schedule dr. appointments
  3. get gas (always a downer)
  4. clean my room
  5. clean my bathroom
  6. eat
  7. get a hold of my parents in the bahamas (which is proving to be an impossible task)
  8. exercise (because i haven't in forever, and i need to make sure i continue to keep off the freshman 15- even though i am now a sophomore)
  9. start planning brittany's baby shower- invitations, figuring out the date (which is part of the reason i need to get a hold of the parental units...)
  10. and so many other things that i can't seem to remember.... and hopefully they are not that important because if i can't remember them, they are obviously not going to get done.
and i should do something fun-- after all, it is my last week of summer.... :(


you do need to do something fun before school starts!

p.s. i'm so excited for the baby shower! i can't believe i'm going to have a baby...even though my belly (and my thighs, rear end, ankles, feet, and even face)is screaming the fact at me.
lyn. said…
More often than not, I crawl back into bed after the alarm goes off. It's just takes me a while to really wake up in the morning...

Good luck with all your "to dos..."
We miss you at CrossFit! Maybe when your mom gets back... :-D
Allie said…
Oh goodness! I bet your room really does look like that! You are one busy bee, my dear. By the way, I am sorry that we didn't go to Timp. Caves! I start school tomorrow, but we should definitely go sometime soon!
Amanda Lauren said…
That is such a cute room! Oh and I have a new blog, add it! You are really busy aren't you!

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