dear elder!

so i got this idea from this blog, and then just changed it up a bit... anyways i made these bookmarks for all of my friends that are off on missions for our church(oh p.s- ignore the red background at the top- i had to do that so that i could scan it....)  but i think i like how they turned out-- i just wished i laminated it before i put the buttons on... but what do you think? should i actually send them? 

for directions on how to make your own click here!


lyn. said…

These are darling!
I love how you changed the father's day idea to missionary [white shirt, tie, and personalized name tag], and added the quote and scripture at the bottom...

P.S. If I were you, I would come up with a different design for Sister Tanner... LOL
Absolutely send them-they are darling you clever girl!
Allie said…
Of course send them! So cool.
I am sure you already did! But SEND them! And I am really gonna have to steal this from you! Thanks for the idea! Love your face!
Anna said…
K so cute and I had a tear in my eye when I saw what name it had on it ahh miss him but yes it would be sooooooo good and very aprishated to the missionary's if you sent them

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