Wells Callaway Cook

He's finally here! Baby Wells arrived August 9th and weighed 6 pounds even and was 19 inches long. 

I love a good birth story, so here is the story of baby Wells. 

I have a history of IUGR and preterm labor. So for Wells they had me on weekly progesterone shots to try and make sure he stays put. They also had me do what is called immersion therapy to try and help the baby grow (which just means you go swimming up to your neck everyday for at least 20 min- totally doable in Arizona) and they also had me on baby asprin which pumps more blood through the placenta which then gives the baby more nutrients. AND IT WORKED! He made it till 37 weeks, and was my biggest baby yet by a pound and then some. 

We had a few scares throughout the pregnancy. One was I fell on my stomach really hard at the splash pad and then had to go get monitored for 8 hours at the hospital. I also went into preterm labor in Utah at 33 weeks, but they were able to stop it and we booked it home. My little sister Emme came along for the ride to help out. At this point we started my 2x a week appointments. Wells would always pass one of the "tests" but fail the other. I was very paranoid about the whole thing after Enoch, I just wanted him out as soon as he could be out and be healthy. Well we hit the 37 week mark and I was READY. Being full term pregnant in Arizona in August is rough! 

I started contracting Saturday night, 3-4 min apart, so Sunday morning we dropped the kids off at grandmas and went to the hospital. I was sure this was it. Turns out I wasn't progressing fast enough so they sent me home (I was not happy... I couldn't believe they would send me home hurting this much with contractions so close). The contractions didn't stop really, just slowed down. I didn't get much sleep. The next day was Monday and we had a very busy day. My mom was coming into town, I had a dr. appointment, Isla had gymnastics, and meet the teacher. The whole time we were meeting Isla's teacher I was contracting and trying to talk to her. I would start saying something and just stop and blank out because I was in pain (labor hurts people). She had to think I was crazy or just like really slow. We left and ate at Cheesecake Factory with my mamma. That night we watched some of the Olympics and my contractions started getting stronger and stronger. I thought I would wait through the night and then just go into the hospital in the morning. I wanted to be sure I would not get sent home again. Thankfully my mom convinced me otherwise (perks of having a Labor and Delivery nurse for a mother) 

At this point it is around 12:00, I have no clue what to do with my kiddos because it is so late and I want both Justin and my Mom with me at the hospital. So Justin calls his brother (who thankfully answered) and my mom and I left straight to the hospital while Justin finished getting ready (he had just worked out) and then dropped the kids off at his brothers house (literally just opened his garage and left them in the office to sleep) and then met us at the hospital. By now my contractions HURT! I don't remember ever having contractions that painful with my other pregnancies (I probably forgot, thank heavens for that... hopefully I forget how much these ones hurt) I wanted an epidural STAT, and they took forever. Like FOREVER! But finally the anesthesiologist angel came and gave me the most perfect epidural. Which was totally an anwser to my prayers because the epidural that I got with Enoch was for some reason so painful (which is strange because I have never had a problem with epidurals before) so I was nervous this time around. And then I was extra nervous because I was contracting so hard that I didn't think there was anyway I could hold still long enough for the epidural. Thankfully he timed it perfectly. It took awhile to take effect which also surprised me. When it finally did the labor became A. OK and the excitement was back! I couldn't wait to meet my little guy! 

We talked, my mom and Justin slept a little bit (not much) and I snap chatted and face timed my little sister Emme. She just happened to be awake all night due to traumatic life events. Some of the funniest snaps I have ever received were that night. I am a little sad that I don't have them documented for life. 

The nurse came in at 6:00 and checked me because I told her I felt the need to push. She was surprised that I was a 10+ some and told me to keep my legs crossed and DO NOT PUSH, and she called the my Dr. He got there in about 30 min. I pushed a couple times and out came little Wells. They put his straight on me (still connected) which was cool because I don't think they have ever done that before with any of my others. I held him for quite a while before they cut the cord and then took him to be weighed... 

Like all my others, Wells was born with a full head of dark hair, which always surprises everybody. He was absolutely perfect. After that we had the full day to just enjoy him and snuggle him. 


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