Gift Ideas for Stillborn/Miscarriage

After our loss of our sweet little Enoch I was so touched by the kindness of so many people. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say, if you should say something... but in my experience it is much better to say something. Your words are not going to all of a sudden make everything ok, and all you can really say is i'm sorry, but it really helps to know that people care and love you. We received so many thoughtful gifts, warm meals, flowers. It was very touching. So I decided to round up some of my favorite Enoch things I have gotten or want, in case people are in need of a little help and are looking for a gift for someone who could be going through something similar.

I love this sign... I still plan on buying it. 
found HERE 

I ordered this necklace, It is really cool because it is your actual babies footprints. That was something I was adamant about having. And after my delivery the nurses had a really hard time getting the ink to stick to his little feet, and I just sobbed. So they kept trying, and then finally got it.   I will forever be so grateful!  I ordered mine with just the feet, no words. 

found HERE

I love this print. The very first time I saw it I knew I had to have it. It is now hanging in my hallway and I look at it everyday. It is just a perfect representation of all the loved ones/angels carrying my little Enoch back to heaven.  
Brian Kershisnik "Angels" 

I also received this necklace and it is in constant rotation with the footprints necklace. 
found HERE

I don't have this necklace, but i think it is super cute. There are so many cute option on Etsy. You could just do the initial, or just an angel wing, or angel, or the date....
found HERE

If you want to go the bracelet route, these are really cute. I was given this cute one with his birthstone from my Mamma and my sister. You could also do an initial.

found HERE

Angel wings have kind of become my thing... I want them everywhere. I found this pair on etsy, they also have silver. But there are also so many cool wooden ones... 
found HERE

This is actually what my mom and I picked out when we visited the gift shop when I was in Labor. I think it is perfect and they have so many other perfect ones too. Thanks mom, I love it! 
found HERE

Other Things I have loved: 

- A teddy bear and a blanket (something for you to hold when you sleep) 
- Someone sent me the cutest pair of custom shoes that would have fit little Enoch's feet. I cried, cried and cried some more. But they were absolutely perfect.
- You can just give anything for the mom. Usually when having a baby people give you baby things, but this time you don't have a baby to take care of. So any kind of papering things for the mom is a good place to start. I received a cool subscription box with some new shampoo and conditioner, nail polish, a candle... and that was really nice. 
- Another cool thing was a box of gourmet brownies. I think they were from HERE. But they were very tasty and you can freeze them. It is a great option if you live out of state from the person.
- MEALS. This was a big one. I didn't feel up to cooking... or really doing anything. So having meals for myself and my family was very helpful. 
- It doesn't have to be anything big or anything expensive just a note, some cookies, I made a few little DIY things that I will also share.... My brother sent me a song (that has now become my Enoch song,,,) Just knowing people care about you, are thinking and praying about you is what matters. Hope this helps someone. I know in situations like this often times you just don't know what to do. But knowing people care and love you is one of the biggest things. 


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