3 Years Old!

I can't believe our little Graham man is 3 years old! He was so excited for a birthday this year. He probably talked about having his airplane birthday for a straight 2 months. This kid LOVES airplanes. So for his party we had the family come over and we played pin the propellor on the plane, had a paper airplane decorating contest, and then a flight challenge with paper airplanes. We had one of grahams favorite shows playing (it is literally just different planes flying in the air) We had good food and cake. It was so fun having a day all about Graham. He loved all the attention. Justin made graham an airplane out of a cardboard box and that was also a huge hit! There were some cute decorations, but I didn't get around to photographing anything...I was too busy managing the party...next year I guess. We sure LOVE THIS SWEET BOY!

Graham at 3 years old
- Isla is his best friend. 
- He always wants his back tickled (ALL THE TIME)
- He loves airplanes
- He is currently in a Star Wars phase
- Loves to pretend to be a robot
- Loves to wrestle and rough house- he is 100% boy
- Sleeps in a big boy bed
- Loves to do funny faces on snapchat

Pretty much he is just the cutest and sweetest boy ever, and we are all pretty much obsessed with this kid. 


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