Easter 2014

Isla was so excited for Easter this year. She found one egg outside her door and thought the Easter bunny was the best just from the one egg. If I had known I totally would have given her one egg and called it good. 

 Whenever Isla is looking for something she puts her hand over her eyebrows to search. Its one of my favorite things. This is her searching for eggs. 

 Some brother sister love!

 Graham spent the day  trying to figure out the plastic eggs. Even with out the candy inside he loved them. 

Isla found her basket! We were just about to move and so the Easter bunny was extra generous because he had to empty out the closet stash. Nana Rachel gave her an Anna dress that she LOVED!

Grahams 1st Easter! 

He didn't understand the whole basket concept so his big sister helped him out. 


Mindy Sagers said…
Such cute little kids. I can't believe how much Isla looks like a mini you. Glad you guys had a fun Easter.

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