San Diego: La Jolla

We headed over to California with Justin's mom and Grandpa for some cooler weather this past weekend. People we have reached 111 degrees here almost daily. I just can't do it! This was a quick trip, loaded with lot's of fun. The whole time I was there I kept trying to figure out why don't I live there. The only good answer… i'm poor! ha!  While we were waiting to check into the hotel we hit La Jolla Beach and watched Grandma Suzanne snorkel. She was able to check off an item of her bucket list. 

Just decided… I need to make a bucket list. 

Lessons Learned in San Diego: Isla is a beach babe and could spend her life on the beach. Graham on the other hand was not a fan... of any of it. 

And see those cute plastic sand toys. You know the $2.00 bucket of plastic toys. I got to run into the ocean trying to save those precious toys with my fancy camera. While Isla was screaming because all of her toys were floating away. Let's see 5,000 dollar camera…. $2.00 toys…… Oh the things we do for our children!

We checked out the tide pools, and watched the sea lions and ended the day going to the hotel. Please just take me back already. 


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