It's my party I will cry if I want to

We threw a little birthday party of Graham boy! It was so fun having friends and family over for some cake and ice cream to visit and celebrate this sweet little one. 

Birthday Banner: A face for each month of his life.

We made a Reese's Chocolate Cake. It was beyond delicious. So good it will probably be Justin's birthday cake too this year! Let me know if you want the recipe (and trust me, you do!)

The birthday boy wasn't his normal happy self the day of his party so "it's my party I can cry if I want to" became the theme. ha! 

 My kids are the most boring cake eating children I have ever seen. Seriously one finger licks…. very polite. 

 Showing off at his newest trick. Standing up all by himself! 

 Isla is a big fan of birthdays! 

 He wasn't getting messy at all, so i cheated and helped him out a little.

 I love this BOY!

PS- Thanks Grandpa Steve and Hayden Grandma Suzanne, Jared and girls, The Wests, The Huebsch's for coming! We sure missed everybody else!

RANDOM SIDE NOTE: The colors of my pictures are uploading all over the place. Has anyone had this happen? It is happening only in blogger. 


Kristin said…
Adorable! Also, I had the same thing happening with my pictures. Your auto enhance is probably on. You can google how to fix it, but if I remember correctly, you go to settings or preferences in your google+ account, and then the photo preferences, and you should be able to turn it off in there.

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