Graham 1 year old!

You are one! Graham you are the sweetest boy I have ever met. You are always willing to smile and always want in on the fun. You are still pretty tiny, so it's hard to believe that you are one. You are just starting to get your second tooth in (top right). Your newest trick would be the stairs. You can do them pretty well, but are still a little unsure of yourself which is when it gets a little scary.

Graham you have the best smile. It lights up the entire room. You are so loving with smiles and kisses. We have a video of you and your cousin Emery giving kisses to each other to prove it. This is just the best age because you are learning so fast, and just fascinated with everything around you. You are starting to walk. You can easily walk holding my hands and along the edge of furniture, but you get nervous all by yourself. I am A- OK with that though because I am in no hurry for you to grow up.

You love outside and love to look outside the window. You love Ruby. You are starting to crawl all over her trying to play with her. You are starting to like food. Not baby food but little bites of people food. You love the good stuff of course. Like ice cream, cookies, cake… you never pass that stuff up. So today for your birthday we took you to Culvers for some ice cream. It was so much fun, until you threw up everywhere because you choked on a fry. Throwing up has kind of been your thing lately. You were sick with a nasty bug this past week and you were constantly throwing  up and all over mom might I add. So when you read this how about you come and thank me for everything that I do for you :)

I am afraid you don't get to nap as often as you should but blame your sister. She always wants to play with you and so at nap time you two are usually playing with toys inside your crib. I have also caught the two of you playing at 10:00 at night instead of sleeping. She just wakes you up to play whenever she wants to.  Let's just say I am very excited we are moving into our house next week because you guys will have seperate rooms!

Right before I was going to have you Graham, your dad gave me a blessing and it said that you were busy talking with God and Jesus getting your final instructions before you came to earth and that you were so excited to come to our family and have me as your mamma. It also said that everything will work out. It was such a scary unsure time and you have just been outstanding from day one. You knew you wanted your mamma and fought to come home at the same time as me from the hospital. We have been inseparable ever since. We are so excited that you are a part of our family. You bring the best spirit with you. You are going to do amazing things Graham. I am so glad that I get to help you achieve all your goals and cheer you on along the way.

Love you little dude.

Graham boy, you are starting to stand up these days! Pretty exciting stuff!


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