Graham 11 Months

You got your first tooth! It's your top left one. It has just barely cut through. So pretty exciting. For awhile it looked like it was going to be your canines coming first (which would have been a little creepy) so we are glad that didn't happen.

You are now pulling yourself up on everything and just starting to scoot around along the edge of furniture. You love cruising around in your car walker. You are still so small, so it is weird that you are starting to do all these big kid things. You added "dada" to your vocabulary. Eleven months has been a month of on again off again sickness, but of course you are happy as ever.

Your kisses are also the best around (don't tell dad I said that) ;) You just stare at me, and then lean in and go in for it...big, open mouthed and all. Which would only work for you.  Your smiles are also the biggest cutest thing ever. You are just a charmer and you have my whole heart little man. You love your mamma and just follow me around everywhere I go.


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