Valentines Day 2014

Someone once gave me great advice for those times when your kiddos are driving you up the wall... to just look at some cute pictures of your kids and things get easier. Parenting these two kids lately has been no easy task and while I was basking in their adorableness I figured I couldn't keep it all to myself, and so I decided to share. 

 This is Isla and her good friend Susie. Isla has such a good group of friends! We feel really blessed. 
 my beautiful, strong willed, active, loving, playful child. everyday you teach me. 

 Cami also came and joined in on the fun. Dress up and pictures = my kind of day! 
Graham wasn't very into this, but we tried. 

I feel very blessed with all the love I have in my life. I am one lucky girl. 


Rachel said…
Love all of the beautiful pictures!! I need copies now!! A book with all of the pictures from the last 2 years would also be great!!

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