Portuguese Water Dog Puppies- 1 month

We've got puppies!!! They are so SO cute and we are very much loving having them around!  They are for sale and if you are interested (or someone you know) let me know. They are pure bred portuguese water dogs and are currently one month old. They are ready to go to their forever home March 15th. 

I mean look at these cuties! They are so snuggly and the absolute softest!  
Call me crazy, but they were so fun to take pictures of I think I might do a weekly pictures while i get to have them for the next 4 weeks! So look forward to that. 

Our cute little Black and White Boy #1

Black and White Boy # 2

Brown and White Boy

and the only girl of the pack! 


Julie said…
Oh, my gosh. In my wildest dreaaaaaams!

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