Graham 5 Months

Graham at 5 months you are such a sweet flirtatious baby. Whenever someone looks your way, you show off your handsome smile. Oh how I have forgotten how much I am in love with a toothless grin. You love to be held and are not very good being put down for very long. You are just starting to like your toys…they pretty much just go in the mouth at this point. You love bath time now, and hate getting out. Your hair is in a funky phase. It is slowly turning blonde, but is quite a bit longer on the top and not very even. Then you have one bold spot on the back of your head from turning your head from side to side trying to take it all of your surroundings. You spit up a lot now… A Lot, A Lot!  You just started "talking" to me. It might be the cutest thing in the world. You are one loved baby! I love my boy! Sometimes I get the urge to squeeze you so tight because I love you so much! You are the most handsome fella around! 

I could not get over all of his expressions! He was pulling some of the funniest faces. 


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