Graham 4 Months

Graham at 4 months you are getting pretty good at the smiling thing! Not only that but you have also started to giggle. Grandpa James might be your favorite. He is a baby whisperer and you adore him. You will laugh and giggle with just one glance from him, while mom has to work so hard to get you to giggle. Often times when I talk to you I say "hey dude" which Isla does too now. So we will see if that sticks. You have become such a good baby. Everywhere you go everyone remarks about how good you are. Including on airplanes and thats saying something!  You went swimming for the first time! You started this new funny thing that while you are falling asleep you make really loud grunting noises. It is quite the entertainment during church. You still love to be cuddled and I hope that never changes. You are very observant and very alert for a baby. You can tell when you really notice something because your eyes get really big and wide. It's a fan favorite! You love looking at art and hearing music. You are pretty much the most amazing baby, especially when you are in your carseat and on the move. You are in the 7th percentile for weight, weighing in at 12 pounds 5 ounces. For height you are 23.8 inches long and in the 10th percentile. Love you dude!


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