Halloween 2013

We had such a great halloween this year! Isla is finally at an age where she grasps the concept. We went to a halloween party, two trunk or treats, plus we went trick or treating, so she really grasped the concept! We still have one more trunk or treat tomorrow also. Isla was so funny trick or treating. She would say "trick or treat" in the sweetest little voice, but would not wait for them to give her the candy, she would just take it (we will work on that). Then she would say "thank you" and then curtsy for them (naturally). It was hilarious! Then she picked up "happy halloween" so she would say that as she left. When we were leaving Aunt Lana's trunk or treat, we were in the car and she so kindly said "thank you for having us!" I tell you this girl is a hoot! 

This year we went to a few houses and then visited Grandpa Steve and Shannon's and Grandma Suzanne's. Then we went home and ate some pizza. The only thing we missed out on was the traditional box of doughnuts. Is this only my tradition, because Justin thinks I am making this up. Doughnuts are totally a halloween thing, right?!

Isla loved dressing up as Cinderella! She is constantly telling me how her shoes are either glass slippers or they do not fit like glass slippers or how she left one on the grand staircase. She sings "Mmmm so this is love…" all the time, and everything is "why hello dear…" 
Oh how I love this girl! Thanks Nanna Rachel for the costumes! They were a big hit! We are still sad we couldn't trick or treat at your house, so you can see the cuteness in person. Maybe next year :) 

I am glad we got to go trick or treating because in the morning Justin took Isla on a bike ride and had Ruby come along. Ruby randomly went around a pole, causing them to crash pretty badly. I got a call from the paramedics and met them on the scene. Thankfully everyone is ok! They all walked away with just scratches and some aches and pains (and some possible sprained wrists) Needless to say, we will not be finishing our pumpkins this year.

This year just keeps flying by. 

P.S. Best thing about having a 2 1/2 year old that went trick or treating…. You get to eat most of their candy! hahaha 

Happy Halloween! 


allegra said…
Happy Halloween, your kiddos look SOOO cute! And I love your blog! Your images are gorgeous.

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