Graham 3 Months

3 Months! I can not believe it. I think it is very unfair how long pregnancy takes, and then you have your baby and BAM! time flies! At three months Graham you are just hanging out in Utah meeting your Grandpa James for the first time, and meeting all of your aunts and uncles and cousins on your mamma's side. You even got to meet your cousins Ella, Liv, and baby Nolan from New York. Also your cousins Zanka and Marley. You are becoming quite a love bug. You are just a lover. You love to be held, cuddled, smothered with kisses... Sometimes you are not very content being by yourself and you tend to always want be held, but I think it is getting better. It helps being at Nanna's house because there are a lot of hands that are willing to hold your cuteness.

We don't have a crib here for you, so you have been sleeping in bed with mom. Probably creating some bad habits, but I love snuggling with you to sleep. Some of the best moments in my life, and I don't want it to ever end. You are just pure perfection Grahamakins!

Ever since we have been in Utah you started this weird breathing and we rushed you to after hours only to have you stop once we get there. Since then I have learned that you have the worlds smallest nostrils. You get one little bugger in that cute nose of yours and you can not breath. So you always sound like a wheezy nerd boy and it's pretty cute. You can pull anything off.

You are still a really good travel companion and because of it, you get to go on a lot of adventures. You got to go to all the fun kid activities like the zoo, the dinosaur museum, the pool... and you also got to tag along to the adult parties and go on date night--dinner and a movie. You are such a good baby, and so easy to take around.

Your cry sounds like a pig squeal, and I am in love. I don't want you to ever grow out of that soft high pitch cry. Pretty much I don't ever want you to grow up to be a man. I want you as my baby forever.

 Trying to get a smile with the camera is proving to be rather difficult. Graham you are a very aware and alert. Whenever you see the camera, this is the face I get. So, so funny! I kinda love it, but your smile is heart melting. 
 Isla does not let me take pictures of her, but once the attention was on Graham she decided she wanted in on the action. So here is Isla in all of her after nap glory. 

This is the look Isla is ALWAYS giving me. 


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