Sunday Style

Look at those reverent folded arms!!! So proud! 
And Graham slept like ALL DAY today! It made for a much more relaxing day. Love that boy! When did he stop looking like a newborn?! 

Isla's Sunday look. But the best news of all... for the past two weeks Isla has actually been pretty good at church! Also, I believe she actually grasped the concept of being reverent today. It took bribing her with candy, but hey she got it! 

Funny Isla moments from today:
We were leaving to church and Justin turns to Isla and said "Come on babe." trying to get her to come to the car... then Isla turns right to me and says "Cumm on babe!" They were just strange words to hear from a two year olds mouth. 

The next moment was sad and funny. We stayed after church to get interviews done, so by the time we left all the lights were out and everyone was gone for the day, minus a few members of the bishopric. So we are going to the car and Isla decided she wanted a drink from the drinking fountain. I told her that I had her water bottle and she can drink it in the car. Well she did not like that idea and would not leave the building. So I would pretend to shut the door, and then when she ran towards me I grabbed the door before it shut to have her go out with me. Well once I did that she just went straight back to the drinking fountain. I decided I would pretend to just leave her behind. This is where things headed South.  I made the mistake of letting the door shut not knowing that all the doors were locked. So right when the door shut of course Isla wanted  out and I could not get her. I ended up running around the whole building finally finding the one opened door and rescued her from church. We debated about driving to the other side of the building to get in, but I decided that would probably be more traumatic on her, because then it would look like we were really leaving her. She was pretty upset. So I felt bad, but the situation was pretty comical. I did decide that if my child was stuck anywhere inside the church is probably the best place. 

So that was our Sunday! 


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