Isla just finished her first ever gymnastics class. She loved it! I put her into the class so that she could have an outlet for her energy and just have another place to have fun and make new friends. It was so much fun watching her practice. Justin and I both found out that we are very competitive as parents. We both wanted Isla to do her best (well... and be the best). Let's be real folks... this is a class of 2 and 3 year olds... why do I care at all?! They are jumping over hippos and hanging on a bar and doing summersaults. We have issues obviously. By the way, little girls in leotards is probably one of the cutest things ever. 

It was so fun and I am so sad that her teacher decided this was the last session. I guess we will have to find a new place once summer is over. But this was the perfect situation for us, so I am really bummed. 

I was amazed that the kids actually would listen and stand on the stars to wait their for their turn. I need to start expecting more from Isla obviously.
She was so proud of herself! Don't mind the very blurry photos... I am taking pictures while helping her in class.

That face just says it all. Love her.
Her teacher was the cutest and so good with the kids.

For the whole 8 weeks whenever Isla would do bars at the end she would just dead drop. I was usually there to catch her, but this time she learned the hard way, and I caught the moment. Good thing she is a tough girl. The picture to the right just shows one of her two year old moments. 

 She was so proud of her certificate. She insisted on carrying it the whole way home. 
Way to go Isla girl! Hopefully there is a lot more gymnastics classes in your future. 


Sarah Buck said…
I LOVE this post!!! She is adorable!
KIKA said…
Oh my goodness!!! love it!!!
I am dying right now! her little outfit?! This is making me want to put ellie into gymnastics!

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