Sunday Style

So every time I pack away a box of clothes that Isla has grown out of I get a little sad that I don't have documentation of her wearing all of her cute outfits. Then I start to worry that there will not be another little Cook girl that will get to wear the clothes. So I am now going to try and do just that... document. This is probably an impossible task, but we will try. Anyways, be ready for a whole lot of Isla style posts coming your way. It is only fitting because she has a way better wardrobe then me. 

This was our Sunday attire. We were the closest we have ever come to being on time to church. On time is not one of our strengths. With two kids and trying to time out Grahams feeding it is next to impossible. There is always next week, right?! 

 We need to get a photo of the kids together for Justin's grandpa... and well so far it isn't working out so well. 

Isla: Dress: Gap (old) Shoes: Old Navy (old) and my favorite bows! Does anyone know how to make these or where I can buy more in every color?! 
Graham: Top, Bottoms 


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