Isla 2 years old

Isla at two years old you are such a joy! We still definitely have two year old moments... but you are really so SO sweet, and loving. You are always the first to give mom hugs and kisses and want to hold my hand. You are my best friend and I am yours. I love when you grab my face between your little hands to talk to me, or to plant a kiss on me... 

You are a disney fanatic! Your current favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Pooh Bear, Pocahontas "Hantas" as you call it, Little Mermaid, and Tangled, but really you love all things disney. Every time I put you in a dress you tell me how you look like Sophia from the show Princess Sophia. You definitely watch more movies/tv then you should... obviously. I can't wait to take you to Disneyland. You will enjoy it more now then you did at one :) 

Isla you are one girly girl and it is so much fun! You love to have your necklace and bracelets on so you can be just like mom. Isla you are a very active child. You love to climb and flip... and I am amazed we haven't had any serious injurys yet (knock on wood). You are constantly jumping, bouncing and rough housing with dad. We put you in a gymnastics class to help burn off some of that energy and you are loving it, and quite a natural at it too. 

I am amazed at how much you learn everyday. You love to sing your "ABD's, count 1,2,3,1,2, know your colors (mostly), you sing I am a child of God, you also know little parts of some taylor swift songs. You are just growing up so fast into such a sassy sweet girl. 

You love your "ruby dubie" (the dog)  and boss her around all day. If she isn't following you already, you are quick to put her in her place "humm on UBY!" but you reward her with praise "ood girl (url) ruby (uby)." If mom can't play, ruby is quick to step in. You guys are constantly dancing together (spinning in circles). I hope you guys can always be life time besties. 

You are not a good eater. Food has become quite a battle for us. The foods you do love are yogurt  cereal, oatmeal, mac and cheese, & cheese, that's about it. Oh and milk. So its amazing you are growing at all. 

Isla you are surrounded by love. Thanks for being my not-so-baby anymore baby girl. 

Stats: At two you weigh 22.9 pounds which puts you in the 5th percentile. In height you are 34.1 inches tall which puts you in the 46th percentile! Don't ask me when that happened, because you have never been above the 10th percentile in anything so we were pretty excited over here. I believe there is a theory that you take your height at 2 and double it and that will be how tall you are. So you might be like 5 ft 6,  Just crazy! 

Special thanks to dad for helping out with the pictures. I was so good taking pictures of Isla throughout her first year, and then from one to two I really dropped the ball. Like we didn't do any little sessions at all with her after one. Taking pictures of a two year old is always hard, but taking pictures of your own two year old is impossible! Isla doesn't like to listen so it was nice to have dad to run after her. 


seriously?!?! these are to die for!!! and she is your twin!

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