Graham 2 weeks

Graham at two weeks you sleep A LOT. Like really all you do is sleep, eat and poop. I forgot how peaceful having a newborn is. By two weeks you weigh 4 lbs. and 11ounces and you are 18 inches long. Which puts you no where near being on the charts. So hopefully you can get bigger so you can play all the sports dad is already planning for you. Usually babies loose weight after they are born, but you my boy have barley lost any maybe an ounce. That is because they have us doing a crazy feeding schedule. With Isla I remember complaining about the every 3 hours, oh how I wish we could do that. You do eat every 3 hours but we also have to feed you a bottle, and then I have to pump to keep my milk supply up because breastfeeding only counts as practice I guess. So the whole routine takes over an hour, then we repeat the process. You lost your cord during your first bath at home (around one week old). You were not a fan of the bath at first but you are coming around. You also got your circumcision. I left the room but dad stayed in the room to support you. From what I hear you were very tough and barley made a peep. You are already a tough boy! Isla is being such a good big sister to you. She loves helping me feed you your bottles, holding your hands, making sure you have your toys, throwing away your diapers... Pretty much you are a very lucky boy to have a big sister that has your back. Hopefully one day after you are all grown you will also have her back :) 

During your first two weeks you were lucky enough or should I say WE were lucky enough to have Nanna Rachel here to help out. She found out you were coming early and jumped on the next flight out to come meet you. Your first two weeks consisted of you being greeted by so many people that love you: your grandparents, your aunts, your uncles, your parents, your are one loved boy, and there are still many who love you and can't wait to meet you. 

People think you look like daddy. We are very happy about that. After Isla being mom's twin it is only fair that daddy can have his boy look a little like him. I do think you do look similar to Isla as a baby though, but we wont tell dad that :) I guess we will just have to wait and see as time goes by. 

Graham you are seriously so sweet and such a peaceful baby. You love being swaddled. You also love being held and cuddled... Pretty much right now you are happy with everything. You make that cute newborn face all the time (the mouth in a little circle), plus lots of other pretty funny faces. Every time you eat you make a disgusted face. It's pretty funny. We are so in love with you baby Graham and are so excited for all the weeks, months and years we have ahead of us. 


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