Graham Fielding Cook

Our little boy joined our family a little earlier then expected! Meet Graham Fielding Cook! 

Here is the birth story: There might be some gross details (I am sleep deprived so my filter is a little lax these days) so feel free to skip ahead to the pictures if you want. 

It all started Monday morning when I got up with Isla (which by the way was a rare occurrence throughout this pregnancy.) I got her up, got her cereal and milk and then we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together. I tried to let Justin sleep as long as possible because he never gets to sleep in. Anyways, I finally went and got back in bed and told him I was having a few contractions and needed to lay back down. I slept a few hours (minus Isla coming in every 30 min) but when I woke up around ten, I was laying in a pool of blood.Then I went to the bathroom where I passed a big blood clot... I called my mom who was in Florida on vacation with my family and asked her what I needed to do and she informed me to go to the hospital ASAP. I am still just so grateful she was around her phone. Then Justin called the Dr. to double check that is what he thought we should do. So that was it we were off to the hospital 5 weeks earlier then expected. I knew I should have listened to my instincts the night before telling myself that I should take my maternity pictures and pack my hospital bag. Unfortunately I didn't so my unprepared self threw some things in a bag and the whole family headed off to the hospital. 

We got there and they monitored me, did some ultra sounds, ran some tests, hooked me up to an IV... Thankfully after a few hours Justin's brother was able to come and get Isla for us from the hospital. They were so kind to take her on such short notice. Hours and hours passed.... P.S. I am starving at this point and am not allowed any food just in case they have to do an emergency C section. The whole time I am having contractions every 5-8 minutes. But am only dilated to a 3.  They finally admit me. I then saw my Dr. where he informed me that they need to watch me over night and most likely longer, but that he didn't think I was having the baby. 

By now it is 6 pm and I finally got some food. I don't think I have ever eaten anything so fast in my life.   So they continue to monitor me, and I am still having constant contractions. That night I passed another blood clot. So in the morning they did another ultra sound trying to figure out if I was having an abruption, but everything looked good only the baby was measuring small. 

By now I was dilated to a 5. My Dr. came in and told us how this can go three ways 1- We could wait and see if I go into labor by myself  2- They might need to help me along (I had already been having contractions for 24 hours at this point)  3- They were going to try and stop my labor. At this point they were 50/50 on inducing me or stopping me. I was early so if I had the baby there would most likely be problems, but at the same time the fact that the baby was measuring small and I was in labor and I was bleeding were all not good signs. He had me see a specialist who then decided the baby had to come out.  I was just so thankful for a decision at this point because that meant I could finally get an epidural. I was in quite a bit of pain and I was exhausted because I had been doing this for over 24 hours with no drugs to help... plus it was nice to finally have a game plan and not just be waiting. I got my epidural, and unfortunately I had a hot spot right where my contractions were, so I was still hurting a lot. They gave me pitocin and in 2 hours we were ready to go! 

The doctor came in, and the baby came out! 

He was 4 pounds and 6 ounces and 17 1/2 inches long. 

At the birth we did learn that I was having a placenta abruption, so it was a really good thing that they did induce me because that can cause hemorrhaging which isn't a good thing. 

They took him right away... I eventually got to hold him, but he was breathing funny so they took him back. But over all he did amazing and we are so blessed! He didn't even need any oxygen! His blood sugar at first was really low (like 30) so they did have to tube feed him once but that was it. They told us he is giving wimpy white boys everywhere a good name (Boys usually struggle more then girls when they are born prematurely and white boys struggle even more on top of that). The feeding was a struggle, and is still a lot of work but he is doing good! Against all the odds, I had Graham Tuesday afternoon and got to take him home with me Thursday afternoon! We are just so thankful that everything worked out given the situation and that he is healthy. I know it is because of the many prayers on our behalf. So THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

Notice the tag: Baby Boy Cook. We are horrible at deciding on a names. Both with Isla and Graham we didn't decide until the last day and almost the very last possible moment. I do not know how people have a name ready and picked out the whole pregnancy. The whole naming children causes me way too much stress! 

Nanna Rach was so awesome. She flew home from Florida and then turned around and flew straight here to Phoenix to help out! 
The happy family of four :) We were waiting to be discharged, which took forever... and it was way past Isla's nap. 
Love my baby boy! 
Daddy is pretty happy about him too! 

She is such an awesome big sister! She called him baby Nolan for the first two weeks (who is her cousin that she has never met yet just FaceTimed) but I think she finally has his name down. 

Braces make me look 14. 

Love my big girl! 

We love him so much already! Can't believe we are now a family of four! 


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