A birthday post a month later... oh well that is life! 

For her second birthday we decided to give Isla a little kitchen of her own. We didn't throw her a party so we let her have a bigger gift then usual, she pretty much had a second Christmas... It got crazy! Oh well, it is her last moments of being an only child... might as well go out with a bang!

We also got to be in Utah for her birthday this year, so my family threw her a little party. We had to fly home the day of her birthday so we wouldn't have to pay for a ticket for her. The one downfall to having a two year old now... no more free flights! But we did get back just in time so that Dad could celebrate our special days with us! 

It wasn't a smooth trip... Isla got sick right when we arrived at the airport. I am still sorry dad that she threw up in your new car! Good thing she is so cute, right?! :) 

My very talented mamma taught me how to make these beautiful cakes. They are even obre on the inside. She is so with it! We made a little one for Isla and a big one for my mom & I. Our birthdays are the 10th,11th,&12th. 
Tutorial HERE

I didn't bring my camera to Utah this past trip, and now I really wish I did. Oh well, these phone pictures will have to do. I am going to try and get some more from my mom's phone that I took. 

Someone wasn't in the birthday mood... Thankfully that changed quickly! 

She got some Melissa & Doug Food sets for her kitchen. So far, her favorites are the Treat Tower, and the Wooden Cookie set.  Every morning to wake me up, she brings me in a little wooden treat in bed. It's really sweet.
She also got:
-Pots & Pans
-Oven Mitt 

From Nana & Grandpa James
-Minnie Mouse Purse & Phone & PJ's & Cup, Umbrella... Yeah, she likes Minnie :)
-Peter Pan
-Aladdin play set
-Ariel play set
- Some Melissa & Doug Food sets

From Grandma Suzanne
Minnie Mouse Drum Set
-Princess Shoes
-Hello Kitty Dress
-$10.00 (Which Isla could just threw out of the bag and didn't care about... obviously she doesn't understand the concept of money yet)

From Grandpa Cook & Shannon
-Ariel Bathtime Doll 

Barb made Isla her apron for her Kitchen and it is SO cute! She loves it! She insists on wearing it all the time. She saw me cooking the other day (a sight not seen very often lately) and she ran and grabbed her apron. She loves her mamma and her mamma loves her! 

I can't believe she is two already! It is a little sad, but really she just gets more and more fun, so I really can't complain. Happy Birthday Isla girl! 


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