So I am pregnant.... don't think I even announced that on here. My nesting instincts are going crazy over here! All I can think of are projects to do in order for our little place to be ready. We were supposed to move, but we are now going to stay here for another year so I really am trying to make things work and fit.... 

Here are a few of the things that are currently on my mind:

These pillows are really fun. Don't know if they would work with an all black dog though...

I really want an awesome backyard space. Not sure why because it is noisy and usually smells like smoke. But I need to make the space useable and beautiful.

this project looks awesome. 

 Or THIS one

I just need Justin to show me his building skills, because I know I don't have the skills in me. 

Justin could also build me THIS

Our office/desk space really needs some sprucing up. It is in the open and drives me crazy. 

THIS project looks fun. 

I am also going to refinish our super ugly filing cabinets 

Tutorial HERE

I want to paint our desk, but I think Justin is done painting for me for awhile after I put him to work on the armoire in Isla's room, and the bookshelf. 

I need to make a Roman Shade for our Kitchen Window
Tutorials: Here, Here, & Here (all very similar)

I also want to try this tutorial. Either on our kitchen table, or for a table outside. 

I am also on a never ending hunt for a side table. I want one on the bigger side, not a cheap little one. I also want one that is also pretty...which is proving to be impossible to find. We need a side table because we need a lamp to put on said side table. I have come to realize that Arizona doesn't believe in overhead lights. I have pretty much been living in the dark for a year now.   

So that should keep me busy for awhile.             


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