Children's Museum

How in the world do you get like a year behind in blogging.?! Well that has happened to me believe it or not. Anyways, forever ago we had the pleasure of having my sweet sister Em come into town to play with us. By the way we love visitors :) When she was here we went to the Children's Museum.  We love the Children's museum and it was extra fun having Miss Em with us. 

They have the coolest playground. 
They also have a cool grocery shopping room connected to a room with a big kitchen

Cool reading spots
A puppet area

Good reading spots

Seriously this place is heaven for kids. They also have an area with pool noodles hanging from the ceiling that you can run around and get lost in. Super cool! There is so much to do, an art room, a baby room, a fort room....  Now we just need some more visitors! Any takers :)


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