I can not believe that I am 24! It helps that I look 16 with my braces on :) I had a great birthday. I got to have a weekend long celebration! In Utah we went to La Jolla Groves for dinner. Then on Sunday we made some beautiful cakes for Isla and I, and opened her presents. Then we flew back home before Isla was over 2. On my actual birthday Justin took me out to dinner at BJ's to celebrate. We also walked around Desert Ridge for a little bit. We couldn't stay out for long unfortunately because Isla was home sick with Grandma Suzanne. Poor girl got sick on her birthday and didn't kick it for awhile after that. I was spoiled rotten this birthday. But I am good with being spoiled :) I usually love other people's birthdays and not really my own. But this year I loved my birthday and had no problem with it! I can wait till next year for the next one... 25 sounds old.

From Justin, I got a Kindle Paperwhite! Which I am loving. I have been a strict "book" person, but I love my kindle! I think I am going to love it even more during my late nights with the baby coming soon. It is so convenient, light, easy to hold, its just all around awesome!  

From my parents I got this beautiful bedding set! 

And a case for my kindle! This case is also awesome! I open it, and it turns it on, I close it and it turns it off. It is really cool. Also really cute if I say so myself. 

Suzanne gave me some money with which I purchased this skirt (the cream one) for after the baby. I am thinking this will motivate me to get my pre baby bod back that much faster. She also gave me a fruit garnishing set. 

I received lot's of Happy Birthday's from friends, nice notes, phone calls, texts, and treats. Thanks everyone for making it such a good birthday!

Sadly we didn't take one picture on this day, so all these words will just have to do! 


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