Feeding Ducks

We have taken Isla a few times to go and feed the ducks here in Arizona. We once made the mistake of taking Ruby. Turns out ducks do not like dogs and make really scary hissing noises. Which I think has forever made me afraid of ducks... they are not that nice and really aggressive. But it is fun watching them dive for the bread, so we will most likely do it again. 

Don't mind the blurry picture... I had to include it because it is the only one that shows her cute face! 
Isla thought the bread was for her obviously.

Like for real, ducks are mean and scary.... Isla was a little unsure also. 

We made it out alive and unharmed.

 This time at least :) 


Becca Downs said…
Hi Aly! You take such beautiful pictures. Were these taken at Encanto Park in Phoenix? We love that park! We need to go again before it gets too hot!

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