Christmas in Utah 2012

We were so lucky to go back to Utah for Christmas! It was so fun spending time with the family and getting to go to all the holiday parties! Isla loves being at Nana & Grandpa's house and being surrounded by her aunt and uncles. We sure did miss Brittany and her family in New York, and Uncle Mckay who is in the Philippines (so things were a little different then usual). This year did not disappoint... boy are we spoiled rotten! 

The traditional picture on the stairs before we go down... we still took it even though it was in the middle of being remodeled.

Isla's going in face.

Mom and dad got her this baby doll cradle and high chair. Nanna and Grandpa got her the baby doll and stroller.
 She loves her disney figurines that she got. She got a minnie and mickey mouse set, and a beauty and the beast set. 

Uncle Mitch playing with the kiddo's. 
Em very happy about her Itouch. 

That is one happy girl! 
Mrs. Claus herself! 
Christmas is awesome at my parents because I get the best of both worlds. I get to see the joy of my child experiencing Christmas, but I also still get to be a kid! I got some clothes, pillows,some sheets, a hot glue gun, some makeup, perfume, shampoo & conditioner, a nativity set, some Christmas books, Isla's big girl bedding, some picture frames, some gift cards... and i will update this when I remember the rest because I want to have it for my records... Next time I am going to try and do this sooner because my memory is already going at 24!
Isla got her baby doll stuff, lot's of cute clothes, the movies Cinderella and Brave, the B toy Zany Zoo, Disney Figurine sets, some books, and too many things to name. It is a good thing we are having another child...
 Justin got everything he wanted! He even made a list this year which he said was really fun. It was like he was a kid again.  He got a bunch of new board games, a basketball, some new shoes, some new razors, some clothes, a sleeping bag, a watch...

The Cook Family 2012. 
We take a picture every year in front of the tree and then frame it on our tree. Eventually we will have a tree full of Christmas pictures. 

I wish I took more pictures of everyone but I was a little confined, also I was a little sick so I really didn't take pictures for that long. Next year :) Sorry I didn't get one of you Kate and Dad. My dad was recovering from surgery so he wasn't down stairs very long, and well Katelyn was most likely right next to me and too close for me to snap a picture. My bad. 

Santa also surprised us by paying some of our Dr. bill for the new baby coming! Which was such a blessing because we are paying out of pocket for this next baby. 


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