While we were in Utah Miss Isla was upstairs for less then 5 minutes by herself... I thought she was playing in Emme's room, but it turned out that she was getting busy with the Vaseline up in my parents room. We are talking one of the giant tubs of vaseline! This also happened on the day my parents were getting a new water softener, new toilets.... so we had NO water! So we wiped her up with some baby wipes as best as we could, and called it good.

P.S. Vaseline is IMPOSSIBLE to get out. Her hair was nasty for at least 4 days. But it did make for some great pictures, don't you think :) Plus her skin was extra soft for awhile there. There is always an upside in everything, right?! 


Love this!
Barb Elder said…
Love the pictures. Got to love motherhood sometimes. Haha she is beautiful no matter what!!

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