The Polar Express

This year we went and did the Polar Express with Justin's Family. It was really cute. You of course go in your PJ's, Isla was the only one from our family but some families had full on matching get ups. Once aboard you are on your way to the North Pole. While on the train they read you the book, you sing Christmas songs, and drink Hot Chocolate and eat a cookie. They could definitely work on their hot chocolate and cookies though... At the end Santa comes and gives everyone a bell. 

I was a little nervous because Isla does not like Santa. At every party this year she would FREAK out! So for like a week I showed her pictures of happy kids on Santa's lap. The guy sitting behind us on the train had a Santa hat on and she kept calling him Santa the whole time. I think this helped because he didn't try and talk to her.... So I think she got more comfortable with the idea of Santa. 

Isla loved it. She was of course too young to really get anything, but she thought the train was cool and had a blast with her cousins and grandma. I think she was jumping like the whole hour (which was hard on me, but she had fun so that is what matters)

The whole crew!

 The train was super cool. It was a train from the 1930's I believe, and was a lot cuter and nicer then I was expecting. 

Santa came onto the train, so Isla is watching him very carefully. But look at that booty pop! haha 

And the picture with Santa. I am seriously completely shocked that she let him this close to her. 

 Overall it was fun and I am glad that we did it. It isn't something I would do every year but will probably do it again when the kids are older and actually care.


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