Christmas 2012 Round One

Can we say spoiled?! Isla is one very spoiled girl. We went to Utah for Christmas this year, so celebrated our little family Christmas early before skipped town. We ended up doing a Christmas on our own, a little Christmas celebration with Justin's mom Suzanne, and then actual Christmas with my family in Utah. So here is Round One. 

Our children Ruby and Isla very excited about Christmas!

Isla was going to get a baby doll on Christmas so I crocheted a little doll blanket for her, she loved it.... even though she didn't have the doll yet.

Isla was very good at opening presents. She had been practicing this whole season so when the day came that she wasn't getting in trouble for opening the presents under the tree she was excited and finally had the skill down. I think this was the first holiday that she actually cared, and could open her presents by herself. 

She got a Disney Fisher Price Princess Castle. She LOVED it! She seriously played with it all day, which never happens with any toy. 

 I also crocheted her a pair of bunny slippers which were also a big hit. Look at that face! She is the cutest! 
She helped Dad open his present also. I made him a calendar for the year. Pretty exciting over here! haha 

 I love Christmas, and this one definitely didn't disappoint. Even though Justin made us take down all of our Christmas decorations right after we celebrated so that we wouldn't have to do it when we got back.

Having kids makes Christmas so much more fun! I am definitely still learning how to do this whole being the parent at Christmas time though... The lesson I learned this year is that it is better to set up the toys in advance because on the day, they do not like waiting for their loot to be assembled... Lesson learned!

So that is the Cook Christmas Round One. Stay tuned for more... hopefully it will happen before Valentines day :)


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