no where

So I am behind in blogging... like WAY behind. So get ready for some blasts from the pasts. I am also going to try and organize everything to one blog and stop this mess that I currently have going. Blogger was giving me trouble but now its not so I think I am going to keep this as my main blog. 

This was on our way to St. George back in August. I have always wanted to just go on a road trip and stop at all the cool things you see... but for some reason when you are on a road trip instead of just enjoying it you just rush through it to get it over (even if it takes all day anyway). But one plus with a dog and a baby is there has to be some potty breaks. This place was really neat and literally is in the middle of no where. So come and enjoy no where with me! 

I still need to post pictures from our Disney World trip, South Carolina trip, St. George trips, Utah trips... Pretty much I am a year behind. So hope you are ready for some crazy blogging! 


Brittany said…
Gorgeous pictures! I wish I could have been there!

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