Halloween 2012

Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet, so I figured it's ok to still post our halloween adventures. 

This year we went to our ward and grandma suzanne's ward for  trunk or treating. Isla loved dressing up and carrying her bag and saying "trick." It took her awhile to understand the moving along part. She mostly just wanted to stay at one car and keep getting candy from one person. She eventually got the hang of it and thought it was awesome. She especially loved all the glow stick bracelets she got. Trick or treating at this age is great because you (the parent) get dibs on all their candy  :) 

 We also carved pumpkins this year and Isla LOVED it! If you can't tell by her cheesy face :) Still to this day she loves to say the word pumpkin. Nanna Rachel even got her a pumpkin shirt which was a big hit because anything with a pumpkin is awesome in her book.

This was the first year we actually carved pumpkins. I was very impressed with Justin's skills. Who knew he iss a master pumpkin carver. 

 Isla was surprisingly good at helping getting the seeds out and actually sorting them. 
Our cute little tinker bell (or sometimes as we call her, stinker bell). I was also tinker bell for halloween one year, so it was only fitting. I am kinda bummed that I didn't get any good lighting pictures (outside, not at night) but it gets dark so early, and since we did everything on one day it just wasn't going to happen. And both parties happened at night and well life happens... But the costume will fit for a while so who knows maybe we will put her back in her halloween costume in December and snap some. 
At grandma Suzanne's Trunk or Treat (a couple days before halloween) 
Our decorated trunk 
 My very impromptu Wendy costume because I couldn't find my go to spider hat.

Don't let this face fool you, she loved halloween. Holidays are a lot more fun when you have little ones to celebrate with, and who are very excited over everything no matter how big or small it is. 

Now on to the Holiday Season! I am ready! 


Brittany said…
Aww! How fun! I'm so sad we don't get to be by you guys!

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