everyday life

I am so lucky and fortunate that I am able to stay home and play with this kiddo all day long. Yes, some days are not so much fun, but I am so happy that this is my life! I love that I actually whipped out my camera and just captured our normal day. Isla has been so much fun and such a joy to raise lately. She is starting to talk so much more. She is pretty obedient. She thinks she is the funniest girl on the block (and is...) She is seriously just such a joy and pretty easy.

Funny side note, she just woke up and was sitting on my lap eating a giant costco poppyseed muffin  while I was trying to hurry up and finish this blog post. Anyways, she saw the toys pictured above and got really excited, so she jumped off my lap and raced to her room (arms behind her with her hands flexed up... i really need to capture this pose, she does it all the time and it's really funny) and of course came back with her bag of princesses. Boy is she growing up so fast!

She loves to talk about anything she can say. So what we talk about all day long are facial features, bubbles, winnie the pooh, food, pumpkins, mouse (aka minnie mouse), CUTE (aka any item of clothing) and of course emme, nanna, and datelyn (aka Katelyn). She also loves to yell NICE to anyone (especially to Ruby) who isn't doing something that she likes. She also loves babies right now. If she sees anyone smaller then her she just yells baby over and over again till they are out of sight. It's pretty sweet.

Pretty much she just loves being able to communicate and is really proud of herself for being so smart :)


She is so adorable!!! And it is CRAZY how much she looks like you.

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