everywhere I go..

I get told how much my child looks like me. I really should have some good responses by now, but I don't. I usually say " yep, she doesn't have that much of her daddy in there" or " all except the birth mark" or simply "why thanks because I think she is beautiful..." all lame, I need something clever.

so just for fun, because there really is no question who she looks like... here is a side by side comparison. 

But she gets complimented on her eyes the most, and that is all from dad.

I always wanted a twin after all I am the Olsen twins generation. Who knew mine would come 22 years later


Jessie Evans said…
Adorable, both of you. I hope to have a twin someday too!
Barb Elder said…
Your both so besutiful!
Barb Elder said…
You are both so beautiful!

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