San Diego Zoo

We went to the San Diego Zoo on our last day. It was so cool! The place is so beautiful and so clean. You would never believe that so many animals all live there. And it definitely doesn't smell like that many animals live there. I pretty much only took my camera out when we did the giraffe feeding but we saw so many cool animals. Isla loved it and stayed awake till the very end. Which is amazing because the night before she woke up at 3:30 and decided not to go back to sleep.  Even with - 4 hours of sleep it was still an awesome experience. 

Isla's newest trick is waving, so the whole time she would wave at all the animals and anyone who would pay attention to her. Or she would bark because that is the one animal sound she can do. 

Aren't giraffe's so pretty! 

 Isla just staring at the animals....
We fed the giraffes a treat and I was way freaked out to do this. Have you seen a giraffe tongue?! It was pretty funny. Justin fed them too, but I had gross hands and couldn't touch the camera after that. 
We watched the elephants "dance" for us and then we saw how they maintain and take care of them. Elephants are so smart and obedient. It gives me hope for a dog one day.
She finally tuckered out 20 min. before we left.
We had to bundle her up really good because I packed for warm California and it was definitely not warm. But the overcast cold day made it a perfect day to visit the zoo. It wasn't crowded and I hear the animals are more active when it isn't hot outside. 

The zoo was a blast and we will definitely go back. It is is kind of expensive just as a heads up if you are thinking about going. But there is so much to do! Next time we will just plan a little better for the shows and stuff. If I lived there I would buy a season pass and do my morning walk (if i did one) there at the zoo. It is perfect for that because it is beautiful, there are hills, and you have a good view. 


So cute! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

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