Oceanside, CA

We headed to Oceanside California this past weekend for a work trip for Justin. I don't think I have ever been to California and thought it was cold until this trip. I must be changing my Utah roots and becoming a Phoenix girl. It was probably a low 60 degrees the whole time. We still had a grand old time! The drive from Phoenix isn't too bad and I am thinking we should do this much more often. I am talking like 5 hours to San Diego... very do-able! Plus I love having Justin trapped in the car with me to talk uninterrupted. 

We went to the beach on Friday and had so much fun. It was a perfect day, Isla loved the sand which was unexpected, the beach was pretty much empty... it was just a great day with great family time! I love doing new things with Isla and watching her learn and explore. 

How nice would it be to have a beach house.... one day!

 (Yes, she ate sand... how do you stop babies from doing that?! Oh well, she will survive, right?) 

Justin started to just bury her feet thinking she would get mad but she didn't so we kept going.... Amazingly enough, she liked it! I don't think she has ever been so still and just sat... ever! 

She finally got to play with her toys from Uncle Jared and Sylvia and the girls that she got for her birthday. She loved them! Thanks guys!

I still need to wash her suit, I am hoping it is not ruined. The sand somehow seeped into it. At least we got a picture of its cuteness! I might have a problem with swimsuit shopping. It is one of my favorite things to buy! For Isla that is :)

My handsome man

We loved the beach so much! Wouldn't it be nice if there could be beaches everywhere? I want live somewhere with it all: a beach, mountains for skiing, a lake... Where is that? It was just a fun, laid back, relaxing day. 

I have a couple more posts from this trip to come.  So stay tuned.


Great photos!
Next time you should take a frisbee or ball for Justin to throw around instead of the baby... :)
Emily said…
Your dad is funny. Love your pictures Aly. Honestly Isla is so cute and your zoo pics are to die for. The zoo actually looks fun in your photos.

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