Today we played at the park. It was perfect. Great weather, big smiles, and lots of laughs! 

 Isla has now taken to eating grass... is that normal? is that ok? 

I love this perfect weather to go to the park, play, hike... all of which we have been doing a lot of lately. I have also come to find that when we get out and play, night time goes much smoother. I guess she is like mamma and needs to get out of the house daily to keep her sanity. And really good news... my bike is coming thanks to grandma and grandpa! That means we can add bike rides to our list, and finally put our birthday presents to use! 

I also recorded some videos while we were swinging. Look at her smily face. She is just so much fun lately and so happy. It has been so nice being healthy for the past 2 weeks and it has made a world of difference. 


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