Lake Powell 2011

So I thought I posted this a long time ago, but I guess it was just haning out in my drafts folder... We got to go to Lake Powell this last summer and it was so SO much fun! I love Lake Powell and always will. It is one of my all time favorite vacations. You just swim all day, eat all day, and lounge all day. No getting ready, no fuss... It is just perfect! Isla loved the boat... hopefully we have a lot of boating in our future! So here are a few pictures from our trip! 

Look at that smile on that cute little face! She loved it! And that night when we went around and said what we are thankful for she said she was thankful for Mckay... It was the cutest sweetest thing.

That salad seen above is what I have craved for the past 6 months! I want it all the time! 

Such a fun trip! Ok now for that salad. I first had it in Lake Powell and I am in LOVE with it. I want it all the time. And good news, it is super easy to cook, which is good because that is the only way I do cook. It is what made me realize that I haven't even done this post because I was about to share it all with you... my readers (but lets be real here.. you are not my readers, but my friends) 

So here is the RECIPE shared by the lovely lady that made it for me in Lake Powell and brought us along on this fun trip! Mucho Gracias 


Jenna said…
oh my gosh. Lake Powell is my favorite place on earth . . . i miss it soo bad.

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