We celebrated Isla's 1st birthday and my 23rd birthday the other day. Isla was born the day before my birthday so it makes it easy. We did it on my actual birthday but let's get real... it was definitely more of her party! We kept it simple and had the family come over for texas sheet cake and cupcakes and to open presents. It was just a great day! It was so fun celebrating and having everyone over to visit. Isla you are one loved baby girl! To have all of these people come to celebrate your first birthday (after all it is your first birthday...you won't remember this) But let's face it, it is for the parents (even more so the mom) and we (I) must be so loved too because all those people came for us then also. It has been one great year, so of course we had to celebrate somehow! 

 She took her sweet sweet time eating the cupcake... I don't think it is supposed to take as long as it did. And because of that we have a million photos of her eating just waiting to get the "dirty" shot. 
The happy parents! We did it! We survived the year.
So the presents from Justin & I were not easily wrap able (as you can see), so we just set them out... Anyways, the moment she woke up from naps she saw them (so much for the surprise) but she loved them and I had already been anxiously hiding them for days in my closet, so I count it as a success!

 So many people to celebrate! 

 You did pretty good opening the presents! You are getting more fun with every holiday! 
 Look at the stare she has going at that candle. Remind me why we put a flame in front of a one year old who of course is just going to want to try to touch it?! 
Just enjoying the cupcake.

 She doesn't even bother to look at the "paparazzi" She is just too used to the camera to care now. 
Finally the dirty shot we were waiting for! 
 And lastly, the shot of the birthday girls! Happy Birthday Isla! I am excited for all of the future birthday's we get to celebrate together! We sure know how to party. 

Now off to Utah to celebrate with mamma's side. We have a triple birthday so it is a given that we would. Isla's birthday is the 10th, Mine is the 11th, and my mamma's is the 12th. Crazy huh! We are just going to celebrate Jackie style and celebrate all month!


Emily said…
Cute, Cute. Why didn't the Codner's get to come celebrate?
Aly!! I LOOVE these. sweetest/cutest things ever!
ps- are you still doing wedding photog?

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