way back in august....

So I have more time now that I am pretty much graduated (I guess i really should be doing that last online class...) anyways, because of that I am going back and posting all that I didn't get to posting. 

This was our trip to St. George back in August with our good friends Dayne and Elizabeth. It was so much fun to watch the girls play and swim and do nothing. A much needed break at the time. We went right between the end of summer semester and before fall semester. We swam, ate, watched movies, shopped (not Justin's favorite part), visited some church sites, and chill-axed. It was great! But we really only took pictures at the pool.... oh well! We for sure have to go again and make sure we do the hike next time! 

good thing about swimming is it sure tires out the youngins :)

The view was so pretty! I mean look at that sky. We started night swimming after the first day of sunburns.

I just think this picture is so funny with how happy her baby is and how tired mine is! 

great trip! until next time..... :) 


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