first white dress

Isla was able to get blessed the first Sunday in May 2011 and it was a wonderful day! It was sunny and beautiful. It was a day surrounded by friends and family that came out to support us. It was amazing to me to see how many people came and showed their love for Isla, Justin and I. Isla was perfect during the blessing (not a peep) she also didn't poop or spit up on her dress (another miracle). But unfortunately not all of the children were (one in particular in the ward) which made it difficult for me to hear...which made me really glad that I broke the "who knows if they are real rules" and recorded it (sound only of course).  She was able to be given a name and a blessing. We were then able to go back to my parents house and eat delicious food. The menu was if I am remembering correctly: crepe ham and cheese enchiladas, with salad, orange rolls, texas sheet cake, and good water. I have such wonderful family that did all the food for me so that I wouldn't have to worry about any of it. We then visited, Katelyn serenaded us and "Lee" who was Suzanne's date... It was a great day surrounded by the best people. 

 the circle
 Justin's side

 my side 
 Isla you have some good looking grandparents! 

It was so nice of grandma suzanne to fly out for Isla's blessing and it was so fun having her stay with us! We are just glad she survived the utah cold :) 


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