Christmas Morning 2011

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone! I feel like this year it went even faster with finishing up school and moving. Word of advice get the blog post done of your family Christmas when you are still at home and not when you are far away and home sick. 

Christmas was so great this year (like it always is!) I even loved having church later that day. It was nice to do the santa/gift thing, and then go to church and focus on the true meaning, plus it was such a fantastic meeting. This Christmas was just perfect. Even the part of staying up to 3 or so wrapping the last minute presents. I love that part :) I might be the only one. Having Isla's first Christmas made Christmas that much more special. I was so excited for all of her gifts, watching her try and open them... pretty much everything about it! (disclaimer: yes she is spoiled rotten) Having my little family with my family on Christmas was exactly how I wanted it. I know those days can't go forever, so I am holding on, and holding on tight to them for as long as I can. My brother is currently serving a mission for the LDS church and he was greatly missed. Next year he will be out of the MTC and we will get to talk to him on Christmas and that will be awesome. Mom cried when she opened the gift from the kids and dad loved it so much he wanted to keep it all to himself :) It was just perfect I can't describe it any differently. Thank you mom and dad for all you do for us. You always go above and beyond. Thanks for all the work you put into Christmas! Of course you did too much, but I am not one to complain :)

Funny story: We needed a bottle for Isla in the morning, but I wasn't aloud to go downstairs yet, so my mom went and got one for me. Turns out she just saw one in the fridge that she thought was Isla's but was actually Liv's. Twenty minutes later when Brittany was looking for Liv's bottle of egg nog, we realized that Isla was drinking it. So Merry Christmas to Isla. On your first Christmas we treated you to a bottle of Egg Nog instead of that nasty formula :) 

 Isla drinking Livia's bottle of egg nog (we accidentally  mixed them up and didn't realize till later... I should have realized it was something good by the look she was giving me) 
 just waiting to go downstairs 

 baby's frist christmas!

some of my gifts: painting of Jesus from my parents and the temple picture from Katie bug! 
 dresses are always the funnest thing to buy and the thing she wears the least... I should change that
 aren't those the cutest boots you have ever seen! 
 Isla's loot of toys

the amp that made katelyn the happiest girl in the world :) 

 after church

Next year for Christmas mom and dad can you just wrap yourselves up so I can take you back with me to Arizona. That is all I really want :) You can bring everyone else to... I am easy going like that. Next year's goal... take more time and slow down so photos are not so blurry... oh well it adds to the documentary like feel. 


Brittany said…
Okay, I need to let everyone know that we put egg nog into Liv's bottle, because she is in the 1st percentile for weight, and the doctor said, feed her as much fat as possible! So we are trying so hard! I don't think it's working though...

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