she's a mamma's girl!

Isla is such a mamma's girl and has been from day one, & I L.O.V.E it! 

We love to snuggle
give kisses
blow raspberries
eat new things
bath time

Everyday we get to explore new things. You are just getting more and more fun. Isla you are such a good baby and I love my little "mini me" 

You bring me so much happiness miss isla. And before you know it (4 weeks to be exact) I get to be a full time no school mamma! 


photos taken a while back (at 4 months) by my ever so fabulous sista brittany


Michelle+Ellie said…
ok...that bottom picture needs to be framed! You both are beautiful!!
The Taggarts said…
she is so beautiful! and yay!! you are almost there lucky girl! no more school. oh if only! thats fantastic.

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