Williams Family

My cousins came into town who live back east this summer and I was the lucky one to photograph them! My whole life I have always loved whenever they came into town! It was so fun hanging out with them and snapping a few pictures of all of their cuteness! What a good lookin fam! 

My cute cousin who is living with my family Madeline! It has been so much fun having her here... and she has been a great sitter for my isla girl :)
My cute cousin Ben. He is pretty much a genius and has been since he was 5.
You know boys... no one would kiss mom... but then sam stepped up to the plate! Way to go Sam. 
Sam also let me pop his collar! What a trooper! 

The baby of the family, cute little Jake!

You can see where they all get their good looks from. I mean come on!

Ben is a goof and was making fun of my posing, or his sister... I guess we will never know. 

Mamma & Daughter 

By the way to all those people out there thinking of family pictures.... They are a great example on outfits. You don't want to be matchy matchy, but coordinate your clothing! Mix colors and throw in some pattern. Way to go guys! 

I am thinking you guys should become models.... I'm just sayin :) 

It was so much fun! I am already awaiting your next visit! :) 


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