Isla at 6 Months


Isla you are officially 6 months old! I can't believe it has already been half a year! We have a tradition if you can call it that already... but you get a gift every month. For example: a disney movie for your future, or a book, a toy, clothes... I'm really liking it! Most of the time they come from Nana Rachel. Girl she spoils you rotten. Good thing you still fit all of your clothes (well i guess except your newborn) because I need to try and snap photos in all of the cute clothes she has gotten you, but this might be an impossible task because there are a lot of them! At this point you love to suck on anything you can get into your mouth, primarily your feet and your hands. You drool a lot but I don't see any teeth yet. Which I am more then fine with because I love your toothless grin! You are still tiny in fact the Dr's are a bit worried because you dropped to the 0% for weight and you dropped in height. Which a drop would be normal if you were active, but you are not active. You now weigh 11 pounds 11 ounces and are 23.2 inches long. You still don't care to roll. So we now feed you high calorie formula and breast milk in hopes that you will grow. Your formula makes you smell and it makes your poop like real poop, and let's just say I am not a fan. But dad did teach you to hold your own bottle and we are pretty proud of that. We got to take you to Lake Powell and you loved it. You didn't want to miss anything so you tried so hard to stay awake. The only time you would sleep is on the speed boat. We took you to get your vaccines this month and you were so happy and smiley the nurse was lovin your cute self, then she gave you the first shot and you gave her a look like how dare you do that. Then she gave you your second shot and that is when you vocalized your feelings and by the third most painful shot you had had it! I felt so bad and tried to comfort you. You always get a little sick afterwards and are still trying to get better. We are off to St. George again before our last semester of college starts. I can't wait for this to end so I can just stay home and take care of you! Isla you have been such a blessing in our lives and we both love you so much. Daddy can't wait for the day that you love him back as much as you love me, but I keep telling him the day will come when he will be the fun one, and I won't. But for now I am loving our bond. Already you have such a sweet personality. You are a tough girl and will fight for what you want. You love to cuddle and you love kisses. I love our adventures together and I love seeing you grow and learn. I love you my baby girl, love mom.

capture of the drool... just had to include it! haha


Michelle+Ellie said…
she is so precious!! her eyes are amazing.
Karissa Kay said…
she is gorgeous, aly!

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