5 months

Isla at 5 months


Isla you are very grabby, hair, my arm fat... you name it, you'll grab it. I have let you try some food, aka suck on watermelon, suck on pineapple, and you tried rice cereal. You by far prefer the real fruit over that nasty rice cereal. You love your toys, but I find that you are often get frustrated at them/ your ability. You have become very VERY attached to mommy. You are a perfect baby but once i am gone girl you got lungs! We went to PHX for a funeral, and you slept the entire way there, which mommy and daddy both thought was awesome! Your cousins just adore you and beg to hold you every second and I just pass you back and forth. I am sad to say that we used you as a tool of bribery. You now sleep all by yourself in your crib until the morning when i bring you into bed with mommy and daddy so we can get a few more hours of sleep ( dad is so done with this routine, so we will see how much longer this routine will last). You are such a happy smiley baby and i love that toothless grin. You have been very portable up until now, but I have found that you are liking more of a schedule, and i think date night 7:00 movies are now a thing of our past. We are trying to teach you to put yourself to bed and have had to let you cry it out at nights... I do not like to hear you cry. But if its good for you its going to be done (this thought is also how I can tolerate taking you to get vaccines). Anyways, I love you girl and sometimes I wish we could start this 5 months all over again because it is going by so fast and I already really miss it.

Isla eating her first food


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