Camping 2011

We decided to take Isla out for her first ever camping trip over 4th of July weekend, and it was so much fun. The rivers were crazy high so I was really glad that she couldn't crawl! It got pretty cold at night which made me nervous so she got to snuggle with mamma in her sleeping bag (I swear I woke up every couple minutes to check and see if she was ok. Justin said he did the same thing too. What can you say, we are worried parents)

Having the pack-n-play out there was awesome! I highly recommend it.

Right before bed...her first night in the "wild"

Baby's first fire.

Camping is great for me, because Justin does everything :) This is him making our tinfoil dinners.

Our good friends came up the next day and brought their little one. They also brought their dirt bikes, which Justin LOVED! Now he wants one of his own.... we will see.

We all took turns on baby duty.

Justin's sign so that they could find us. He was very proud of himself for this one.

I'm a sucker for daddy daughter shots.

They are best friends.

It was so fun! I'm glad we went (and for those who know me, I am not a camper so this is saying a lot). I think we are going to go one more time before summer is over. Which I am all for because I want some more smores!


Emily said…
How fun and look at those two cute babies sleeping. I'm so glad you take Isla out camping, its the best wat to grow up.

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