Dad's 50th!

So I am a little bit behind...ok A LOT a bit behind. My dad's 50th birthday was back in December, but I still wanted to show off his awesome surprise party because it was just that, AWESOME. It was full of good food and good company! And I am not a writer, I am a photographer, so here's the pictures.

his surprised face :)

The poster courtesy of my madre. It reads: "Can you believe this guy is half a century old" Funny story though she put one up in the neighborhood and it went missing... Either someone was offended or wanted the poster for themselves...
Carrabbas catered the event.
My most favorite cake ever! Magelby's chocolate cake.
My dads favorite: seafood. He could eat seafood the rest of his life and always be satisfied.

side note: I forgot how fat my face got when I was pregnant.


Emily said…
Wish I could have made it. I miss out on all the fun living so far away. Love you guys.

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