Isla at 4 months you smile every time I look at you. You are now sleeping all by yourself in your crib! Mommy was sad to move you but you seem to like it, and now sleep 7 hours every night! Which both mommy and daddy are really liking, and is a very welcomed change. You are starting to become interested in toys. You can't play with them on your own, but love them when mommy plays with you. You also enjoy when mommy reads books to you, and just stare at the pictures the whole time. Whenever you like something your little legs just kick like crazy! Isla you are just ready to stand up and get moving. You constantly want to stand. Your little legs are so strong and are now able to hold yourself up, but mommy and daddy still have to help you balance. You are now in the tenth percentile for height coming in at 23 inches long. Weight wise you are still going strong in the third percentile weighing in at 10 pounds 4.5 ounces. Isla being your mom is the best thing I have ever done. It has only been four months, but I feel like you have been with us forever. You bring me more happiness then I have ever known. I am so excited to keep watching you grow and learn, and for all the fun adventures we will have together. Love you my Isla girl!

(had to get a picture of her sleeping in the crib)


Very cute pictures! And she does look so much like you! Can't wait to see you guys again!
-m- said…
she is so precious! i was so glad to finally meet her:)
katie said…
where did you get that cute sheet and bumper?? I love it!!
Aly said…
I got it made but the fabric line is moda Martinique

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